Old Man's Cave

  old man's cave
                 Old Man's Cave      
             Old Man's Cave-in the Hocking Hills-When it comes to outdoor adventure, Hocking Hills State Park usually wins hands-down as both an out-of-the-ordinary and an enjoyable family vacation getaway.  Kids love it because they can hike, climb, go-kart, swim and get one heck of a close look at birds of prey at one of many of Hocking Hills State Park programs.  
      Parents love it because after a day of having fun with the kids, they can relax in one of the hundreds of cabins dotting the hillsides, bask in the warmth of a hot tub or get a massage right in their room while the kids sleep snugly in another. Old Man's Cave has found a comfortable place tucked between Kings Island and the Lake Erie Islands, outshining many of its peers with its wide assortment of diverse things to do all year around.  
  One of Ohio's most southern parks, it has over 25 miles of hiking trails, more cascading waterfalls than you can count on both hands (and your toes, too), ten times as many unusual rock formations and seemingly endless sheer cliff edges.    


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Old Man's Cave-



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